My Reiki Journey: Day 2

Day 2: Root Chakra

I was told the best way to balance my chakras and create the best attunement is by catering to the Chakra of the Day. Today was the Muladhara Chakra or Root chakra. It’s color, RED! Requirements is to eat red, dress red, think red. I was under the impression I would take a picture of my outfit and post it, but it would be considered inappropriate to be standing in just my underwear!

Ha! Go figure, the only think for Summer on Long Island that I have is red is my underwear. But Hey, it works, right? Red on my root chakra, at the base of my spine, kind of perfect! The root chakra, when balanced, brings stability and grounding, and steadiness of the mind. It’s element is the Earth while its sense association is Smell. This I found interesting because all day yesterday and today I was so sensitive to smells.

Root Chakra Goddess By: Carol Cavalaris

Root Chakra Goddess By: Carol Cavalaris

I have to keep a journal for my training, this is posing as one for me. I plan to share my experiences not necessarily all the “ways” of Reiki. I can, however, answer questions if you post them in my comment section.

According to my studies, the root chakra helps you find your path in life. When channeling energy correctly, it will nourish my inner self physically and spiritually. EVERYTHING about that sounds divine!

I went ahead with the “eating red” and “eating root”. I had tomatos, apples, watermelon, radishes, and hot tamales (those are red, right)! AHHHHH. Totally not ok, but hey I have my faults. 🙂

Red tomatos and red radish.

Red tomatos and red radish.


I woke up with a headache today, which was explained may happen. “ki” means Life Force, and when you start moving that force around it can apparently cause headaches UGH.

Along with the eating and wearing comes meditation. It was suggested in a reading that ‘you ask yourself a number of questions as I follow meditations’. This one stuck with me; “Do I need to let go of relationships that have shown themselves to be unhealthy?” Do I?…… um Hello! YES!

I have chosen to meditate on a Yantra and tuning into my root chakra. This will balance the mind and body connection by rebalancing them and causing there to be a channel of energy that you can feel rise up your spine. It may take practice and time, but within a week. We will see. Focusing on the Root Yantra you will see the four petals which represent the Lotus flower. Each chakra symbol has a lotus containing a different number of petals. The growth of the lotus and its change as it grows reaching towards the light, represents each chakra as you climb from your root to your crown.

Root Chakra Yantra

Root Chakra Yantra

I didn’t feel anything special yet, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I plan on becoming a mediation master. Is there even such a thing? 🙂 There is also a mediation that can help you overcome fears, using a tree to meditate under. You use visualization and recognize that the tree is strong and will not fall on you. I didn’t use this one but I am sure it is effective.



Oh my next favorite part is the essential oils, incense, flower essence and stones that work well with the root chakra. Since I sell Young Living and doTerra oils,

I have grown a slight obsession to having them everywhere, anytime, for anything! Use these tools when balancing your Rot Chakra:

Essential Oils: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Clary Sage, and Thyme.

Flower Essence: Beech, Clematis, Cherry Plum, Wild Oat, Comfrey, and Clematis.

Crystals and Stones: Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Garnet, and Smoky Quartz.

Incense: Sage, Cedar and Patchouli.

Of course each one of these tools/elements holds a different purpose. That could be another post for another time.

Now, for the yoga poses. I love that my newly acquired yoga teacher training certificate, my oil business, and the health and wellness business is finally coming together. I remember asking my nutritionist professor in college a few years ago, “I love nutrition and wellness so much, what do I do now with this expensive business management degree?” She told me to look in this direction. She was my sign.

Yoga Poses for your Root Chakra:

Downward Dog

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Chair Pose

Chair Pose

Chair Pose

Until tomorrow. Can’t wait to have another board of color!


My journey with Reiki

I know it has been a very long while since I have written… I apologize. I also, just noticed that the “about” section is still bare. Will I ever get my act together? Who knows? What I do know is that I have the great pleasure of working with my dear friend, Catherine O’Conner of    on becoming a Reiki Master. This, my friends, will be my “act together” journey!!! HAHA, we will see about that! But seriously, I hope to take life force energy and first heal my self, balance my chakras.

Reiki dates back to the 19th century. It is a Japanese spiritual healing form using energies and chakras, your life force. It is completely safe and can do the most wonderful things. Although not a religion, it is thought that one that practices should bring harmony to all that they come in contact with, spreading the healing. Interesting enough, I find this hard to grasp. I know some that are “reiki certified” and they do not use harmony in their life. Are they spoiling the healing for all of us? (Now, that can be a blog post all of its own)! I want to start first with myself, my children and then hopefully the world!

Your Chakras and a little explanation.

Your Chakras and a little explanation.

Day 1

Catherine brought me to her studio where we ate an awesome lunch from Salsa Salsa in Port Jefferson, NY. Burritos and meditation, PERFECT combo. We have such a great connection, she and I. Our view and directions complement each other and I find her easy to work with, so this journey is nothing but excitement! I took notes about the history of Reiki and listened to her own findings. She once did not believe in the healing process. That changed quickly after the universe kept feeding her signs that this was something she needs to be open to. Opening one self to healing is the ONLY way one will heal. You can go to a reiki healer everyday, but if you are closed and do not believe, then the magic will not occur.

As patchouli incense bruned and I deeply breathed in the sage that was sprayed I realized how relaxed I was. After my attunement, I just sat and felt my energy. It is said that the attunement and the 21-30 days after will be different for everyone. I am re-connecting with the spirits. I already know I have many spiritual guides around me, so the next couple of days should be very interesting. I am hoping my attunement brings awareness and happiness. We will see.

I practiced my Byosen scanning… finding disease lines. I set my intention, which was a test run on Catherine, started at her crown (head) and felt the energy. Interesting how as I flowed my hands over her body, down each chakra, I quickly passed over her heart and was pulled back to her sacral chakra. It was tingling and felt like a bungee cord on my left hand. Crazy! The energy is there, it is real! This was just a “test run”. I started to get excited, thinking this is good, this is good.

Tomorrow I must wear red, eat red and ultimately be red. I am not sure on how well that will go, but I will let you know!


"Being Human" By: Erin Kuzmeskus

“Being Human” By: Erin Kuzmeskus

Being a Mom during a tragic event

Yes, it has been a very sad almost week now. We are all hurting inside as a nation. I completely understand. I cry too but I must stay strong!
As a mother the idea of a child dying is unimaginable. I push my energy towards love and hope that we can change as a human race!!
What is hard is trying to avoid reminders of the horrific event. What is hard is trying to get people to understand why I continue to remember the people who lost all during Superstorm Sandy and that it is the holidays. I push on!
I am instructed by the girls school to engage them in the newspaper allow them to explore. Well how the hell can I do that when every page reminds us of the bad???!! I am instructed to enrich their lives, introduce them to new. We were watching snowboarding the other day on tv which was so “kindly” interrupted by the news to show us a press briefing at Newtown. Instead of showing my children how cool Shaun White is and letting them see his 1st place winning half pipe run, I need to shield them from the tv which develops into questions and concern. We try to listen to XM Christmas songs while we drive around and look at holiday lights. Have to change that too while dedications are made and reminders fill our ears.
How in the world do you stay strong, as a mother, in a time like this? My heart goes out to all Moms whom have lost a child.
But I wish as a nation that we would realize that banning assault weapons is just like banning drugs…. just think about it.
Focus on it from outside the box. Maybe if our Nation would stop supporting the local media we could possibly translate into a better place. There is TOO MUCH attention put on the negative, the sad, the ‘wrong’, that we struggle to find the meaning of life and the focus of our energy.
I hope not to make light of the situation just hope to feed someones mind that can help support a positive energy flow back into our universe!! ♥

Teaching Your Children About Storms

The Ladies helping at Ladies With a Mission Food Drive for Hurricane Sandy

I talk to Kiara and Makayla about Hurricane Sandy, they were by my side through the whole thing… except for picture taking on the Long Island Sound! We discuss the possible, the inevitable, the aftermath. They sometimes even see me shed a tear. I can’t help but be devastated, Our Island will be forever changed! The gas crisis, now that’s like a fun game to them! Ha! So smart, yet still children! They make the best of everything while, of course Mom does her best at keeping certain realities shaded.

The Ladies have given their time to helping Carrying cases of water out of “big blue”….. Champions! Fighters!!! I want them to utilize this time changing event to better themselves, to better their generation. They attempt to show sympathy to a dear friend as I tell them she lost her home to the Hurricane and to a massive fire. Breezy Point will forever change, they still find a way to keep sparkle in their eyes.


Yet, there is so much warmth amongst the cold snow, the recent nor’easter, no electric, no home. I came across a cry for HELP from the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn earlier. The Ladies and I have been there! It was such a fun day we had last year! Knowing how much the girls love animals and yearn to become veterinarians, I grow an immediate attachment to the aquariums needs and instantly think of the film Dolphin Tale!

It’s apparent to me that there are children that would Kill to have a chance to help the animals. I know my girls would LOVE to have the chance! Now it’s just a matter of convincing the NY Aquarium that my daughters have the skill and passion to Help! 🙂

I will keep an eye out for that picture of us from last year, but for now I will leave you with a shot I took of Shoreham Village Beach in Shoreham, NY. Check out the 8ft waves on the Long Island Sound. Incredible but devastating!

8 Ft Waves on the Long Island Sound, NY Unheard of!!! Monday 10/29/12 at approximately 10:30AM, Hurricane Sandy!


Too Heavy To Carry

“Two bags and a Pillow”

We are preparing to travel to Kiawah Island off of Charleston, SC. With my brother’s and The Ladies God-father’s wedding in just 3 days, we struggle to pack “everything” we need. How much can three girls possibly use in a weeks time? Apparently, a lot.

This whole debate about what to pack has got me thinking about how I would backpack around the world. How in the world does one carry so much? DSLR no mirror camera, cell phone, underwater camera, chargers, wallet, passports, important documents, underwear, definitely those, personal hygiene stuffffffffff (that list could be never ending specially with my natural product and essential oil obsession!), contacts, eye glasses, sunglasses, socks, maybe a blanket, a jacket or sweatshirt, earphones, sanitizer… when does the list end? Oh wow, I forgot vitamins and hair ties a brush and a few earrings.

As I place all of my “stuff” on the dining room table to evaluate….. I wonder how I am going to carry all of this!? A few days ago I saw this pretty cool rolling backpack, only an easy $250 (ahhh). I thought this thing is cool, it opens to a suit case, carries like a backpack and then the top pocket piece zips off into a little day backpack, and it all is on wheels too, if you choose. So I slap i on my back and almost fall over backwards! How much does this thing weigh?? With two days till lift off, I have no time to shop for a travel bag and must use what I have.

This leads me to the packing part. I must also add snacks and such to the bag because it’s economical, of course. I go for a green rugged backpack that starts off light but carries a lot. Also, I have an over the shoulder computer bag. Pretty nice. I can multi task with both of these……

Almost packed and I have to tell you my bags are Too Heavy To Carry!!! I should have my chiropractor flying with me on this trip!! 🙂

See you when I’m in the South!

It all begins here and now….

Well here it is. My very first blog. I originally wanted it to show all the things we love most; dance, art, mother earth, our family…. and then something happened. The dream that I always had, before giving birth to identical twin girls, was to travel the world, every single inch of it! That dream has not disappeared, it has only dynamically surfaced with my Ladies added to it! It’s like the universe instructed me to “carefully insert twins HERE”! And that is what I plan to do. (yes, I know, I started a sentence with ‘and’). That’s the beauty of a blog. I can write WHATEVER i want, HOWEVER I want! 🙂

I am going to give this my best effort and I can’t wait to hear feedback. Positive criticism, advice, fun stuff, help. Please do not send negativity our way. Thanks!

Stay tuned……….