Too Heavy To Carry

“Two bags and a Pillow”

We are preparing to travel to Kiawah Island off of Charleston, SC. With my brother’s and The Ladies God-father’s wedding in just 3 days, we struggle to pack “everything” we need. How much can three girls possibly use in a weeks time? Apparently, a lot.

This whole debate about what to pack has got me thinking about how I would backpack around the world. How in the world does one carry so much? DSLR no mirror camera, cell phone, underwater camera, chargers, wallet, passports, important documents, underwear, definitely those, personal hygiene stuffffffffff (that list could be never ending specially with my natural product and essential oil obsession!), contacts, eye glasses, sunglasses, socks, maybe a blanket, a jacket or sweatshirt, earphones, sanitizer… when does the list end? Oh wow, I forgot vitamins and hair ties a brush and a few earrings.

As I place all of my “stuff” on the dining room table to evaluate….. I wonder how I am going to carry all of this!? A few days ago I saw this pretty cool rolling backpack, only an easy $250 (ahhh). I thought this thing is cool, it opens to a suit case, carries like a backpack and then the top pocket piece zips off into a little day backpack, and it all is on wheels too, if you choose. So I slap i on my back and almost fall over backwards! How much does this thing weigh?? With two days till lift off, I have no time to shop for a travel bag and must use what I have.

This leads me to the packing part. I must also add snacks and such to the bag because it’s economical, of course. I go for a green rugged backpack that starts off light but carries a lot. Also, I have an over the shoulder computer bag. Pretty nice. I can multi task with both of these……

Almost packed and I have to tell you my bags are Too Heavy To Carry!!! I should have my chiropractor flying with me on this trip!! 🙂

See you when I’m in the South!


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