My journey with Reiki

I know it has been a very long while since I have written… I apologize. I also, just noticed that the “about” section is still bare. Will I ever get my act together? Who knows? What I do know is that I have the great pleasure of working with my dear friend, Catherine O’Conner of    on becoming a Reiki Master. This, my friends, will be my “act together” journey!!! HAHA, we will see about that! But seriously, I hope to take life force energy and first heal my self, balance my chakras.

Reiki dates back to the 19th century. It is a Japanese spiritual healing form using energies and chakras, your life force. It is completely safe and can do the most wonderful things. Although not a religion, it is thought that one that practices should bring harmony to all that they come in contact with, spreading the healing. Interesting enough, I find this hard to grasp. I know some that are “reiki certified” and they do not use harmony in their life. Are they spoiling the healing for all of us? (Now, that can be a blog post all of its own)! I want to start first with myself, my children and then hopefully the world!

Your Chakras and a little explanation.

Your Chakras and a little explanation.

Day 1

Catherine brought me to her studio where we ate an awesome lunch from Salsa Salsa in Port Jefferson, NY. Burritos and meditation, PERFECT combo. We have such a great connection, she and I. Our view and directions complement each other and I find her easy to work with, so this journey is nothing but excitement! I took notes about the history of Reiki and listened to her own findings. She once did not believe in the healing process. That changed quickly after the universe kept feeding her signs that this was something she needs to be open to. Opening one self to healing is the ONLY way one will heal. You can go to a reiki healer everyday, but if you are closed and do not believe, then the magic will not occur.

As patchouli incense bruned and I deeply breathed in the sage that was sprayed I realized how relaxed I was. After my attunement, I just sat and felt my energy. It is said that the attunement and the 21-30 days after will be different for everyone. I am re-connecting with the spirits. I already know I have many spiritual guides around me, so the next couple of days should be very interesting. I am hoping my attunement brings awareness and happiness. We will see.

I practiced my Byosen scanning… finding disease lines. I set my intention, which was a test run on Catherine, started at her crown (head) and felt the energy. Interesting how as I flowed my hands over her body, down each chakra, I quickly passed over her heart and was pulled back to her sacral chakra. It was tingling and felt like a bungee cord on my left hand. Crazy! The energy is there, it is real! This was just a “test run”. I started to get excited, thinking this is good, this is good.

Tomorrow I must wear red, eat red and ultimately be red. I am not sure on how well that will go, but I will let you know!


"Being Human" By: Erin Kuzmeskus

“Being Human” By: Erin Kuzmeskus


One thought on “My journey with Reiki

  1. I am so honored to be sharing this journey with you my friend. & I Love that you are documenting it! I a looking forward to watching as you find the path to your destiny. ♥

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