Being a Mom during a tragic event

Yes, it has been a very sad almost week now. We are all hurting inside as a nation. I completely understand. I cry too but I must stay strong!
As a mother the idea of a child dying is unimaginable. I push my energy towards love and hope that we can change as a human race!!
What is hard is trying to avoid reminders of the horrific event. What is hard is trying to get people to understand why I continue to remember the people who lost all during Superstorm Sandy and that it is the holidays. I push on!
I am instructed by the girls school to engage them in the newspaper allow them to explore. Well how the hell can I do that when every page reminds us of the bad???!! I am instructed to enrich their lives, introduce them to new. We were watching snowboarding the other day on tv which was so “kindly” interrupted by the news to show us a press briefing at Newtown. Instead of showing my children how cool Shaun White is and letting them see his 1st place winning half pipe run, I need to shield them from the tv which develops into questions and concern. We try to listen to XM Christmas songs while we drive around and look at holiday lights. Have to change that too while dedications are made and reminders fill our ears.
How in the world do you stay strong, as a mother, in a time like this? My heart goes out to all Moms whom have lost a child.
But I wish as a nation that we would realize that banning assault weapons is just like banning drugs…. just think about it.
Focus on it from outside the box. Maybe if our Nation would stop supporting the local media we could possibly translate into a better place. There is TOO MUCH attention put on the negative, the sad, the ‘wrong’, that we struggle to find the meaning of life and the focus of our energy.
I hope not to make light of the situation just hope to feed someones mind that can help support a positive energy flow back into our universe!! ♥


Teaching Your Children About Storms

The Ladies helping at Ladies With a Mission Food Drive for Hurricane Sandy

I talk to Kiara and Makayla about Hurricane Sandy, they were by my side through the whole thing… except for picture taking on the Long Island Sound! We discuss the possible, the inevitable, the aftermath. They sometimes even see me shed a tear. I can’t help but be devastated, Our Island will be forever changed! The gas crisis, now that’s like a fun game to them! Ha! So smart, yet still children! They make the best of everything while, of course Mom does her best at keeping certain realities shaded.

The Ladies have given their time to helping Carrying cases of water out of “big blue”….. Champions! Fighters!!! I want them to utilize this time changing event to better themselves, to better their generation. They attempt to show sympathy to a dear friend as I tell them she lost her home to the Hurricane and to a massive fire. Breezy Point will forever change, they still find a way to keep sparkle in their eyes.


Yet, there is so much warmth amongst the cold snow, the recent nor’easter, no electric, no home. I came across a cry for HELP from the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn earlier. The Ladies and I have been there! It was such a fun day we had last year! Knowing how much the girls love animals and yearn to become veterinarians, I grow an immediate attachment to the aquariums needs and instantly think of the film Dolphin Tale!

It’s apparent to me that there are children that would Kill to have a chance to help the animals. I know my girls would LOVE to have the chance! Now it’s just a matter of convincing the NY Aquarium that my daughters have the skill and passion to Help! 🙂

I will keep an eye out for that picture of us from last year, but for now I will leave you with a shot I took of Shoreham Village Beach in Shoreham, NY. Check out the 8ft waves on the Long Island Sound. Incredible but devastating!

8 Ft Waves on the Long Island Sound, NY Unheard of!!! Monday 10/29/12 at approximately 10:30AM, Hurricane Sandy!